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  • Kathy Jordan: an artist who has soared through the glass ceiling of her career - Article featured in the Delaware County News Network (Wednesday, June 29, 2011).

  • Angels Restored - Video footage featuring Kathy Jordan from a feature length documentary in production.

  • Kathy Jordan lecture - Video discussion of Fire Damaged Stained Glass, the oculus of St. Bernard's Episcopal Church (courtesy of Femenella & Associates).  

  • Plainfield Church Restores Its Signature Stained Glass Window - Article by Michael Dalzell,

  • Professional Alliance Spotlight on The Art of Glass, Inc. - Article from pages 20-21 of the Spring 2010 edition of Sacred Places, the magazine for Partners in Sacred Places.

  • 6° of Inspiration: the Dick Millard column - an introduction to Kathy Jordan from the March  2004 e-zine, artglassinfo, vol. 2, issue 15.  Click to read

Kathy Jordan

the art of GLASS inc.

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